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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 9423 2022

Instructions and Help about Form 9423 2022

All right so we're continuing on here now and let's talk about what happens if you are if you do not have success in getting the levy released either through ACS or through the revenue officer that you're dealing with you might be dealing with somebody that's playing hardball with you and and in that situation you're gonna want to consider using the IRS s collection appeal program what is called a cap appeal alright this is an administrative appeal that's available to challenge either threatened levy action or actual collection actions and so if we're talking about levies of course we're in the midst of an actual collection action this cap appeal can be used before or after the filing of a notice of federal tax lien and so if the tax lien has been filed and your client is concerned about that you can use a cap appeal for that you can do a cap appeal before or after levy or seizure action we're talking about actual levy action now you would use the cap appeal only after your CDP rights have been blown because remember the most effective way to stop collection and get yourself into a position to negotiate on behalf of your client is to file a timely collection due process appeal request but if it's not fine and most of the time it's out of your control I understand that because clients walk in the door as I said with their shoebox full of unanswered mail and so you just have to react and deal with what you're dealing with but the bottom line is is if you if that final notice date has been blown you can use the cap appeal either before a levy before an actual levy or or or after a after a levy program you can use the cap appeal to to challenge the IRS as rejection of a proposed installment agreement or you can use it after the IRS modifies or terminates an existing installment agreement remember that CP 523 is the letter that the IRS has to use to to notify you that the installment agreement has been revoked or rejected or terminated and that gives you that appeal right within that 30-day window so now let's move on now and let's talk about how we're going to use this form 94 this this collection appeal form the way this works is you have to talk with the revenue officer manager or the ACS manager if your initial discussion fails in other words the preliminary step to filing the appeal is to talk with the manager now some of you may have had conversations with managers in the past oftentimes manager conversations can be frustrating because often the manager will just simply backup the revenue officer however that's not always the case and it's not always the case often enough that it warrants talking with the manager even if you didn't have a cap appeal opportunity.


How do I dispute something with the IRS?
If you disagree you must first notify the IRS supervisor, within 30 days, by completing Form 12009, Request for an Informal Conference and Appeals Review. If you are unable to resolve the issue with the supervisor, you may request that your case be forwarded to the Appeals Office.
How do I dispute an amount owed to the IRS?
If you disagree you must first notify the IRS supervisor, within 30 days, by completing Form 12009, Request for an Informal Conference and Appeals Review. If you are unable to resolve the issue with the supervisor, you may request that your case be forwarded to the Appeals Office.
How do I file IRS Form 9423?
Submit Form 9423 to the Collection office involved in the lien, levy or seizure action. 4. In situations where the IRS action(s) are creating an economic harm or you want help because your tax problem has not been resolved through normal channels, you can reach the Taxpayer Advocate Service at 877-777-4778.
How do I write a reconsideration letter to the IRS?
The IRS website states to include all of the following in a written protest. Your name, address and a daytime telephone number. A statement that you want to appeal the IRS findings to the Office of Appeals. A copy of the letter you received that shows the proposed change(s) The tax period(s) or year(s) involved.
What Is a Collection Appeals Program?
The Collection Appeals Program (CAP) is one of two appeals programs available to taxpayers to challenge IRS collection actions. The Program allows the taxpayer to appeal a collection action before or after certain IRS actions. The taxpayer can also use CAP in connection with issues arising under installment agreements.
Where do I send my form 9423?
You should send your completed Form 9423 to the collection office or Revenue Officer that took the action you are appealing. They will then forward your case to IRS Appeals.
What is a cap request?
A Collection Appeal Program (CAP) request is an IRS Appeal available to taxpayers.
How do I appeal an IRS lien?
You must make your request for a CDP within 30 days after the 5-day business timeframe for the lien filing. You can also appeal by asking an IRS manager to review your case. If you win the appeal, the IRS will decide whether to keep the tax lien in place or release, withdraw, discharge or subordinate it.
How do I file an appeal?
If you are aggrieved by an order of an Assessing Officer (AO), you can file an appeal against the same before the Commissioner of Income Tax (Appeals) by submitting duly filled Form 35 online on the e-Filing portal. 2.
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